Benview Early Years Centre
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Admission to 3-5 Rainbow Room:

Children start soon after their 3rd birthday if a place is available.  Glasgow City Council has an Admissions Policy for part time and full time sessions whereby children are admitted according to a list of priorities should there be more children than places.  Parents can access this policy if they wish more details.  We have a limited number of places for lunch and extra sessions so parents must apply and complete all paperwork and bring appropriate evidence of their need.  An admissions panel of local managers and other agencies will decide who receives extra sessions.  If there are too many applicants for PART TIME places available the admissions panel will select children for these using the council’s priorities?



Admission to 2-3 Little Stars Room:

Children can start the term after their 2nd birthday if a place is available.  Parents can complete an application form as soon as their child is born.  Glasgow City Council Admissions Policy also applies to these children.  When child turns 3 they will be able to transfer to 3-5 room when they are ready and there is a space.  We will ensure this ‘transition’ goes smoothly for child and parent/carer and will discuss the transition together.