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Sun Safety Information

Young people exposed to prolonged spells of sunshine (eg when taking part in outdoor games etc) maybe at risk unless suitable preventative measures are taken. Staff are recommended to take the following common-sense precautions:


·    Do not allow pupils to be over exposed to direct sunlight. A little is good for them but too much is potentially harmful.

·     Encourage pupils when and how to cover their bodies with loose fitting, lightly woven material that will screen them from the sun. However, such clothing should not be so loose as to endanger them during physical activity.

·    Remember, all skin can burn.

·    Be aware of the particular vulnerability of pupils with freckles or    moles on their skin. Encourage them to check for themselves without causing unnecessary alarm.

·    Seek parental/carer approval before pupils use sunscreen, which the parents/carers should provide. It is recommended that a sunscreen with SF15+ is used by children.

·    This approval should be sought at the beginning of every school session and included in the pupil’s Health and Wellbeing plan